How to Quickly Boost from 1 to 110 level in WoW

Each player who comes to WoW or who wants to start rocking a new Persian faces a character pump. On pirates, it is often the case that with the release of a new update, the character also has to be rocked again, which is a long and tedious exercise. I’m not a WoW fan enough to sit in it for 12 hours, so I was on Leach for about six months. Naturally, with the exit of Pandaria, Drenor and the Legion, everything had to go through again - that is the only minus of pirate servers. I also used to work with AskBoosters WoW boosting services as a professioinal game booster.

And here the question became relevant: «How quickly to pump the character?» There was a desire to play rather than spend a lot of time on running in the localities. There are a few strong points that will help you gain experience faster, which will lead to faster increases in your levels. How to do it, how quickly to pump a character, we’ll go through it in detail and step by step. And the interesting thing is that you can do this kind of thing where you’re able to pump a character for three weeks, which is pretty cool. As a result, we get the maximum amount of experience within the minimum time. As a result, you will learn to swing quickly while enjoying yourself. If you are ready, you have already installed and started the game, you in the starting Location - go!

From 1 to 14 level in a few minutes, as well as tips for the future

These levels are the most fun, as quests are quite simple and the mobs in the starting location give normal experience. So the first 14 Levals are pretty fun.

Once you’ve reached level 10, you don’t have to go straight to BG. You’re going to die as inexperienced sheep. Because there are always players who are already running in cool family clothes that are purchased at more cool levels. As a result, many people stop believing in their characters, start to cry on the forums that WoW is a sucker and as a result you will be constantly trolling as a player who knows nothing and does not know anything. 

Be sure to join the guild and it is desirable to find one that is already sufficiently developed and has more than 20 people with maximum level. It is necessary to make friends in the guild and not be shy to ask for help. There are quests that require group passage. You don’t always get a group of five to knock down the mob you need. Co-guildsmen will always help you not only on the usual quests, but also on the quests in the dungeon, where with the usual group you will spend a lot of time. Don’t be shy, ask for a bit of gold for yourself to buy a guild shmot. It is able to increase up to 25 percent of the resulting experience.

If you get a break in the game, you should leave the character in the capital. For your holidays you will get double experience with mobs for some time. Also to get a quick jump on the character, always leave it in the capital before leaving WoW.
You don’t want to throw away all the green stuff that comes out of the mobs. You should wear it to the auction. It flies pretty fast and at pretty good prices. It’s mostly for a pro ride - enchantment. You can’t make a lot of money on this, you have separate rides on the theme of earning.

You don’t have to buy expensive bags right away if you don’t have a year or a rich friend for whom 1 gold is not money. A bag with eight and twelve slots is enough to start with.
These tips will make it possible to quickly pump the character not only to level 14, it is good for the big future and quick experience.

With each level your character will need to gain more and more experience, but with each quest you will also get more experience. As a character, new tactics and rules must be considered at this stage, and this is very important. If you don’t follow everything, you won’t be able to get the character to WoW quickly.

It is absolutely necessary to monitor the levels of zones in which you work. As soon as you see that you’ve reached a level that allows you to move into a new zone, you go there. You will have more experience in any case than in the previous zone. It is quite convenient to use boards with tasks that are present in each capital of new locations. Take new quests and quickly make them.

After level 25, you can start running in the dungeons with a random group. In the instrumentation you will also get good experience and perform quests. It’s cool when you can be set up by a more senior comrade or a friend from the guild. In this case the installation takes place in a few minutes - the experience is good, plus the necessary quests are made. With a random group per dungeon, you can spend not just a few hours, but half a day. It’s not a good idea for us, because we need to get a quick jump on a character.